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2016 • THE DIGITAL DIRECT REPORT • 17 THE ADVANTAGES OF UV-LED INK CURING Before the introduction of UV-LED technology, only wide-format UV print- ers using high-power mercury lamps were available for printing on sheet stock for indoor/outdoor display. These mercury lamp designs continue to be used and sold today. Mercury lamps have certain disadvan- tages. They require a great deal of power and generate substantial heat that man- dates water cooling and slow power-on cycles. In addition, the lamps create some environmental concerns, among them the dangers of mercury use. The lamps can emit ozone, although this can be reduced by utilizing filters to remove ozone from the production area. The use of a UV-LED curing unit re- solves all the limitations of the mercury lamp design and allows the production of a compact, efficient UV printer that fits an office/light production environment. A UV-LED printer uses only 20 percent power of a water-cooled lamp model, offers immediate power on, and has a 10,000 hour LED lamp life. One of the unique advantages of UV- LED printing is the ability to print on a wide variety of materials, both treated and untreated; including PVC, PET, ABS, acrylic, wood, glass, ceramic, board, met- al, soft fabric, and leather. IN 3D UV-curable ink sets include CMYK, white, and clear. Using the white ink as a base, a UV-LED printer can print white and full-color on dark items and both ↘ ↘ 855.863.1638 m P OW E R ™ i - S E R I E S DIGITAL APPAREL PRINTER • Industrial strength print heads • Fastest direct to garment single-platen printer in its class • Made in USA | globally sourced components JAN. 58 LAS VEGAS, NV BOOTH #43573 JAN. 2022 LONG BEACH, CA BOOTH #741 SEE OUR PRINTER IN ACTION AT RHINOSCREEN 2.0 ™ DRY STENCIL FILM. A 2-Step Stencil-Making System. GAME CHANGER 888.717.44 66

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