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2016 • THE DIGITAL DIRECT REPORT • 25 can easily upgrade to paid options with the same features as the main competitors and you won't ever have to rebuild your page. Simply pay for added features and build on what you already have. To use stores like Wix on your website, create a button for your webstore or whatever you want to call it, and link back to your Wix ecommerce page. Having this store opens a whole new revenue stream for your webiste and business and has mul- tiple functions, plus you can create as many free webstores with Wix as you like. SELL YOUR UNIQUE IDEAS Decorators are creative people, and most of us have some great ideas. Because you own a D2 printer, you can make as many or as few as you like and the best part is you don't have to pay someone else to make them. Put together some of your favorite ideas, create original art, and print a sample or two. Take some photos and put them on your Wix ecommerce page. One of the biggest benefits of creating a D2 webstore, is that qualified customers and incorporate a custom Wix page just for them where you can host five of their most popular designs for free? When they need to order, they can go to the page you cre- ated for them, and place the order. This is ideal for schools, restau- rants, or anyone that does multiple reorders. D2 is an extremely versatile decoration option. With the right equipment, you have the ability to deliver full-color, fully custom- ized, high-quality, one-off prints quickly. Use this to your advan- tage and let the internet work for you. John LeDrew is the DTG Director for Melco Inter- national. Melco is a leading embroidery machine manufacturer and top reseller of the Epson SureColor F2000 DTG Printer. John has worked professionally in garment decoration since 2006 managing accounts and overseeing production for some of the largest brands and retailers in the world, notably Walmart, Target, MTV, Marvel, the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, and MLL. D2 don't have to carry any inventory as you can print after the order is placed. You can even order the blank after the order was placed and print on demand. This is huge for lim- iting your cost and overhead. Try taking the unique ideas concept fur- ther. Develop a niche a brand. It costs you nothing but time and brain power. There are a TON of branded companies out there that cater to every interest. Maybe it's the city you love, a particular type of dog or cat, or fishing. A little creativity and proper product placement can go a long way. CREATE STORES FOR REORDER CUSTOMERS Chances are you have customers asking you to print goods for them. That's one reason why you want a main informational web- site. How about approaching your most Onsite Training Included Epson SureColor™ F2000 DTG Printer Free Shipping Nationwide Training Network $14,995 After Rebates (MSRP $19,995) Visit

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