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2016 • THE DIGITAL DIRECT REPORT • 31 DIRECT-TO-GARMENT PRINTER M&R presents the M-Link X, which reportedly prints full-sized images on white T-shirts in 30–45 seconds and on dark shirts in less than a minute. The company states that the system's i-Color RIP software quickly converts files into printed images. The printer's white print mode prints CMYK with no underbase for use on white or light shirts, while color one-pass mode prints a gradated white under- base and CMYK on colored shirts. Black one-pass mode prints a gradated white underbase and CMY on black shirts, using the shirt's color for black areas of the image. On light-colored shirts with light pretreatment, highlight mode prints CMYK and a white highlight without a white underbase. n Visit: n Call: 800-736-6431 PRETREATMENT SPRAYER Lawson Screen & Digital Products introduces the Zoom-AE pretreatment sprayer. Reportedly guar- anteed to have consistent results, the 120V sprayer features an automatic drawer and storage shelf. Other features include a quick-change, self-aligning spray head; an enclosed spray chamber; and adjustable spray length and width. n Visit: n Call: 314-382-9300 SINGLE-PLATEN D2 PRINTER AnaJet offers the mPower, said to be the fastest single-platen D2 printer in its class. Combined with AnaJet's proprietary RIP software and available user-friendly design software, the printer can apply quality images on 100 percent cotton and high-cotton blend garments. n Visit: n Call: 877-626-2538 HYBRID PRINTER Mutoh presents the ValueJet 1638UH 64" UV-LED hybrid printer, which has staggered dual print heads that reportedly provide high print speeds. The printer is capable of printing on both rigid sub- strates and roll media as thick as 0.5". Ink options include CMYK plus white and varnish ink. n Visit: n Call: 800-996-8864 D2 SOFTWARE Epson introduces updates to its Garment Creator software for use with the company's SureColor F2000 direct-to-garment printer. The software now includes a "Use Garment Black" capability for reduced ink usage and improved quality on black garments. Available for OS X and Windows, the software automatically recognizes and knocks out black areas of an image file and leverages the black fabric of a garment to eliminate the use of black ink over white ink. n Visit: n Call: 562-290-5683 D2 PRINTER Ryonet carries Epson's SureColor F2000 direct-to-garment printer. Designed to print directly onto textiles, the printer features a PrecisionCore TFP print head with advanced piezo technology for clear prints as large as 1,440 X 1,440 dpi for white ink and 1,440 X 720 dpi for colored ink. The printer uses Epson five-color UltraChrome DG cellulose-based pigment inks, coupled with a dual-filtering system. It is also equipped with automatic LED-beam platen height detection and a fabric-wiper system. n Visit: n Call: 800-314-3690

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