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January '17

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56 • A&E JANUARY 2017 CORELDRAW FROM A TO E than between the headline and the para- graph, then the headline will be pulled away from the paragraph, making the page feel disorganized. Reverse that space allo- cation, and the paragraph and headline will feel united on the page. Awareness of these visual pulls or tensions can be especially useful in organizing complex text information so that it can be easily comprehended. (fig 7) Each of the elements on a page has its own pull in relation to the other page ele- ments and the page as a whole, so one goal is to balance those pulls so they make sense in terms of what is being communi- cated. The viewer will feel that organiza- tion and will be able to maneuver around the page with ease and therefore will be able to focus on the message. All of the elements on a page using CorelDraw can be freely adjusted in terms of size, color, position, rotation, etc., using a host of familiar tools. Such adjustments play a critical role in page design and are a hallmark of a vector object environ- ment. Such versatility makes possible the development of graphic space within the page. So far, we've been considering the two-dimensional aspect of organizing a page. I use the word graphic because let- Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8

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