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January '17

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A&E JANUARY 2017 • 59 Square extrusion and hubs Gyford StandOff Systems now offers square extrusion available in two-slot 180 degree and 90 degree versions. There are currently two styles of connectors avail- able. The Blox Hub is a four-way hub with an additional pass-through in the center, while the Blox Corner is a four- way connection intended to round out corners when building exhibit platforms and structures. Square mounting plates and finishing products are also available to complete your design. 775-829-7272 Graphics for sublimation Unisub offers hundreds of graphics and thousands of ideas you can offer your cus- tomers. Use sublimation to create promo- tional products, gifts and more for your customers. Download rights-free graphics for sublimation at Optic crystal blanks Topmost PRISM Crystal offers a variety of optic crystal blanks recommended for any occasion. The Prestige Award is cut with multiple bevels to form a star shape that surrounds a large engraving area ideal for a special message or logo. The top piece of the award is attached to a crystal base. This award is available in three different sizes. 800-528-8388 Extension tables for large-format laser engraver GCC introduces the availability of extension roller tables for its T500. The T500's standard work area is 51" X 35", which can be extended by 51" X 23.6" respectively in the front and rear sides of the machine when extension tables are added. The maximum work piece you can load is 51" X 59". Designed with a mechanical hard stop to ensure the origin position and clamping fixture hold work pieces firmly during laser processing. 909-718-0248 Engravable stone LaserSketch announces LaserRock, a stone that can be lasered with no backfill. It's available in a white rock and a dark grey to black rock. Wash it off, dry, and laser your alpha numeric or design, no color-fill needed. LaserRock comes in 3" to 5" sizes. 630-243-6360 Star resin figures MARCO AWARDS GROUP releases a new family of resin figures, Radiant. One of these resin figures represents the Lamp of Knowledge. The Radiant family is offered in 5 1/2" and 7" heights and is designed with shooting stars and an oval frame. The family of resin figures is offered in 15 dif- ferent sports and activities including Lamp of Knowledge. 800-229-6592 A&E

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