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March '17

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Make sure to become well- versed in your rotary machine before tackling larger and complex projects. R otary engraving is a tried and true method to add a beautiful touch to any award or custom gift. For those new to the technology, or for those looking to brush up on some basics, take a look at the fol- lowing tips provided by a few of the industry's rotary experts. These tidbits of advice can help grow your rotary business. START SIMPLE I recommend retailers start by devel- oping the know-how to make basic things, such as name tags, trophy plates, etc. Also, make sure that you know how to engrave on all the basic materials as well—metals, plastic, wood, glass, etc. As times goes on, make sure to become completely versed in your engraving machine. —Elisha Kaufman, U-Marq Simple Tricks and Tips for Rotary Engraving IMAGE COURTESY VISION ENGRAVING & ROUTING SYSTEMS Creating ADA signage is one of the applications that rotary engraving machines excel at. IMAGE COURTESY GRAVOTECH 46 • A&E MARCH 2017

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