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How and why you should sell memorial products The Many Memorial Market Opportunities By Brenna Walsh 48 • A&E MAY 2017 ALL IMAGES COURTESY BRENNA WALSH A p p r o a c h i n g t h e m e m o r i a l market can be a bit intimidating at times. You want to help cus- tomers cherish the memory of their loved ones in the easiest way possible, yet it's a sensitive subject to approach. But keep in mind that memorial products are not only for the loss of a family member or friend, but also a pet, a friend who is moving away, or to honor someone special in their lives, among many other things. For those in the awards industry, offering these products is a simple way to add business to your bottom line as well as help your customers remember their loved ones. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. RELIGIOUS PRODUCTS There is no shortage of products that can assist you in helping your customers. A few common ones are crosses, flag cases, urns and keepsake boxes. Religious items tend to be popular, with sublimatable or laserable crosses as a favored item. Crosses can be adorned with pictures, names, dates, and bible verses. Plaque mounts, such as praying hands, are also favored religious pieces that can be attached with adhesive to plaques, urns and gift boxes. Another religious memorial item to offer customers centers around the memo- rial service. Often at services, there are programs or memorial cards. Instead of a card, try a bookmark that is personal- ized with the photo of a loved one and includes a favorite saying or prayer. This timeless tribute will provide a lasting keepsake for family members and friends. Crosses are among the most popular religious memorial products to offer customers. They can be laser engraved and/or sublimated. A sublimated memorial bookmark can provide a timeless keepsake for family and friends.

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