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August '17

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A&E AUGUST 2017 • 15 Sales & Marketing This system you are developing will become a simple case of connecting the dots. Then the assignment of jobs of your staff can be adjusted in order to accomplish and complete the job needed. It also might be a good idea to receive feedback from your staff, because you can't get too many opinions. However, it will be your decision on how you are going to set your system. Even if you don't have a staff, have the system in place before you hire the staff; be prepared. A STORY ABOUT BEING PREPARED A recent side story from our Vice Presi- dent, Mike Pence: At a fundraising lun- cheon in Indianapolis on Dec. 12 , 2016, that I attended, Mr. Pence said, "When I was a Boy Scout in Columbus, Indiana, as a young boy, they taught me the Boy Scout motto 'Be Prepared!'" Pence said that being asked by the President-Elect Donald Trump to be his Vice President came so quick and in many ways it surprised him and made him realize the true meaning of being pre- pared and ready in an instant. This same principle of being prepared applies to our small business. We need to pretend that we are our clients and learn to attempt to think like our clients and prospects. If we do so, then we can be better prepared for what they want. WHO SHOULD REALLY RECEIVE CREDIT AND WHY? Many of us think of credit as simply a credit card that is in our wallet to use when we run out of cash or perhaps have another reason to want or need it. But credit is much more, and if you learn to use it in Get involved in editorial opportunities for A&E each month! Contact: Cassie Green 720.566.7278

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