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August '17

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A&E AUGUST 2017 • 27 the U.S. in 2011; originally from Pakistan, the family was in the leather goods manu- facturing business for almost 25 years. "We moved… with the hope of a better life and opportunity," he reminisces. While they were looking to stay in the same business, their financial advisor instead steered them toward purchasing Ambees, which they did in 2012. And they have never looked back. "Although the field was completely dif- ferent and new from what we had experi- enced, my family got enticed by the cre- ativity and the potential of the business and its link to the advanced technology," Zoeb states. He adds that there was an initial learning curve, but now they pride them- selves on taking on the "tricky projects." "Our basic business concept is, 'You name it, we will do it,'" Zoeb empha- sizes. "In the last five years, we have taken Ambees Engraving Inc. to a whole new path of success, and the big credit goes to our loyal customers who stayed with us… and gave us a chance." Even though the children work along- side their parents, Fatema says her role is simply that of family member, not employee. "I help my parents when they need it," she says. "I am not an employee at Ambees; I consider it as my hobby. I love working (here), and seeing it be successful is not only my wish but my aim." The showroom at Ambees Engraving Inc. The family business prides itself on taking on any project, traditional or unique. Our basic business concept is, 'You name it, we will do it,'

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