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A&E AUGUST 2017 • 41 Sandcarving and more powerful compressors require at least a dedicated 50 AMP breaker. Due to the physics of electricity, only relatively low-power motors can run on this type of electricity. A compressor running on 120 volts will provide enough air for blasting on a hobby to light professional level, as long as you do not plan to do a lot of carving. For serious blasting professionals, they will not do. For continuous blasting on a professional level, you need to choose a compressor with a motor that runs on 240 volts, the type of electricity used by electric stoves, dryers and furnaces. These outlets are rated at 220 to 240 volts. This is also a common gas engine compressor with small twin storage tanks. The gas tank sits on top of the motor and has to be filled if you are working for long period of times. These compressors are noisy, smell, and generally output only a fair amount of air pressure (about 7 CFM at 90 PSI). USE YOUR LASER TO CUT MORE… Stahls' recommended Polyurethane (PU) heat transfer vinyl: CAD-CUT ® Fashion-FILM ® CAD-CUT ® Glitter Flake ™ CAD-CUT ® Premium Plus ™ AE0817 Choose the material that's right for you by visiting | 800.478.2457 | 800.521.4384 Expand your apparel decoration offerings by using your laser system with a Hotronix ® heat press. It's now easier than ever to achieve photo-realistic details without the task of weeding.

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