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42 • A&E AUGUST 2017 be. Hold this thought, we will pick that topic up later. Direct drive means that the motor is directly connected to the pump as opposed to a belt drive, where the motor is con- nected to the pump by a belt. With a direct-drive unit, the pump turns at the same speed as the motor, usually around 1,700 RPMs or faster. With a belt drive, the motor turns at 1,700 RPMs, but pul- leys gear the pump down to 600 or 900 RPMs. This means that there is less wear and tear on the pump, which will result in lower maintenance cost. Direct-drive units are louder than belt-driven ones, but the latter may need to have the belt tightened or replaced at some point in time. THE TANK The size of the tank of any given compressor really does not matter much because our work requires a huge con- sumption of air. Much will depend on which techniques you will use most often, as carving requires the most air. We will come back to the topic of air consumption a little later as well. The facts you need to consider are what volume of air your blaster consumes at the maximum pres- sure you will be using, and what is the air volume output of the various compressors Unfortunately, most households are only equipped with one or two such con- nections, which are ordinarily in use by household appliances and are often not located where you could place a com- pressor. Most home-based shops will need to have a separate outlet installed, which also depends on the size of the electric service for the dwelling and may require an additional panel to be installed. These are things to explore before buying a com- pressor because the cost for new service is not exactly cheap. THE COMPRESSOR PUMP The pump is the device that pressurizes the air by pumping it up to a higher pres- sure. It is important to know what kind of pump the compressor you choose has. The two types of pumps you most commonly find are belt driven or direct driven. Belt driven is the most used model. The most important thing you need to find out is how many CFM you will need from the compressor. The more CFM you need, the bigger the motor and the pump need to ETCH MASTERS As you can see, rotary screw compressors are compact and neat besides being able to deliver a large amount of air at almost no noise level. It's no doubt on everyone's wish list but carries a hefty price tag ($4K and up). This diagram shows a common single-piston and pump found on electric air compressors.

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