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August '17

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44 • A&E AUGUST 2017 By Eric Priceman THE WORLD MARKETPLACE OF TROPHIES & AWARDS As any writer knows, the ultimate reward for writing is having one's writings read. This is enhanced by the fact that I know that there is a good chance that the reader is an industry member, and is someone who has at least a moderate interest in what I have to say. More importantly, writing is something I enjoy doing, and your reading my articles is my reward. That is part of the satisfaction of writing. It allows me to share my experiences with others who share a common interest and at the very least work in a business that involves awards and engraving. Writing provides me with an escape from the day-to-day obliga- tions of my business. I find that escape both mind clearing and therapeutic. Sometimes I receive emails from readers of my articles who might like what I write, or might disagree with some points that I have made. I welcome all points of view. Agree or disagree, my efforts are rewarded by the fact that my articles are read. I do not profess to be right all of the time. No one is. Essentially my writings are meant to be shared experiences. If you can learn a bit from them, that's great. If I am able to learn something new from a reader's rebuttal, then I have grown as well. It is fantastic that in an industry like ours, with all of its technical aspects, how many of us want to share our experiences. In the long run, it goes a long way to making this industry stronger right now and in the future. Where is all this going? Although I view writing as a hobby and a challenge, it is not my primary job (far from it); I do it because it gives me satisfaction. In essence, it clears my head of the day-to-day concerns and issues of running a business. It provides me an escape from my everyday obligations and allows me to take on something that is a bit The Importance of Doing Things Outside of Your Comfort Zone W hen I sit down and write an article for A&E, I feel a sense of satisfaction because I know I am about to share something that I have learned from my many years in the awards industry, and from my many years in business. I also know that when I write these articles, they go into a magazine with a vast distribution base in our industry, and although I know my general audience, I do not know specifics about who might read my articles in a given month.

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