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A&E AUGUST 2017 • 63 Graphic Design tool since it provides a more complex way to shade the interior of an object beyond simply applying a Gradient Fill. For instance, I created a side view of an apple using my Hills, Valleys and Cusps method with just enough nodes to get the job done. I started with a cusp node at the top of the apple at the sharp break where the flow of the line would occur where the stem would connect to the interior of the apple. I then placed an asymmetrical node at about two o'clock, moving clockwise around the contour. I placed two more at about five and six o'clock with the adjustment handles pointing in to create the indentation at the bottom of the apple. I then placed another asymmetrical node at about ten o'clock and closed the shape by returning to the cusp node at twelve o'clock. I spent some time experimenting with the exact placements of the nodes and moving the adjustment handles until I felt that the shape matched the apple in my mind's eye. At that point, I could color it red and call it a day, or I could fill it with a Radial, Gradient color (an appropriate red to orange, for instance) to give it some shading. Or I could create my own blend. In this case, I made a small irregular shape also using five nodes that would serve as a highlight and placed it within the apple shape where I thought it made the most sense. I then filled the apple shape with a darker red with no stroke and the new shape with an orange fill with no stroke, and then I selected both shapes. I selected the Interactive Blend tool and immediately a concentric blend formed within the apple. Now it all becomes a matter of editing. With the Interactive tool still selected, I would start in the Properties bar and decide if any of the options mentioned above would positively effect my shading in the apple—for instance, the number of steps in the blend. Using the Pick tool, I could change the size of the highlight, or edit the shape using the Shape tool, and I could move it around inside the fig 5 fig 6a fig 6c fig 6b

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