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6 • A&E AUGUST 2017 I t's always fascinating to see all the different things that the various decorating technologies can accomplish. For example, watching a laser machine engrave multiple names onto a large quantity of plaque plates at the speed it does is quite fun to watch. Or seeing a sandcarver use his machine to multi-stage carve a name and logo into a crystal corporate award is really captivating. It's also interesting to see what else this equipment can do beyond awards. For example, sublimation on jewelry. What a simple way to create full-color customized jew- elry for your customers. It's always fun to do the award order—after all, these are the products that congratulate and reward a person for achievement. But the creative, crafty products are a neat way to get more use out of your machines. I've seen laser machines used to create 3D models of dinosaurs, got a hands- on experiene at what a sandcarved wine bottle feels like, and have even seen the results of 3D sublimation in the form of personalized jewelry boxes. I'm sure the customers who were on the receiving end of these items were thrilled. Not only did they get an order of team trophies for their kid's soccer team, but they also got some great sublimated bag tags to go with it. This is one of my favorite things about this industry—the diversity and cre- ativity awards retailers are employing in their everyday business. There are many opportunities to go above and beyond a customer's expectations, and many out there are taking advantage of that. The diversity that is being exercised in the awards industry is a big reason why we like to do product features such as the Custom Gifts section this month—jewelry. And it doesn't stop there. Covering all the different cross-over opportunities available to awards retailers is something we love doing. We love covering awards and all the unique ways they're being decorated. Alongside that, we like to offer insight and education on what else your laser machine can do or how to take your sandcarving services to the next level. It's fun for us to provide that platform where you can learn more. This month, don't forget to check out the Product Focus section (Sublimation and Full-Color Solutions on page 30) and Custom Gifts (Jewelry on page 52) for a little inspiration. And of course, expect each of our other issues to offer different ideas on how to take your awards sales to the next level. Don't forget to send us pictures and descriptions of your projects to get fea- tured in the magazine, either. You are, of course, the creators of all these unique products. Until next time. A Little Inspiration Cassie Green EDITOR INSCRIPTIONS Volume 30, Number 17 PUBLISHER Dan Peckham — EDITOR Cassandra Green — ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Shanna Rowley— Haleigh Erwin— SALES SUPPORT Ashely Banks— ART & ADVERTISING DESIGN ART DIRECTOR Kim M. Wright ASSOCIATE ART DIRECTOR Dayne Pillow MULTIMEDIA PRODUCER Andrew Bennett EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Stephen Capper, Richard Korbyl, Ruth Dobbins, Kevin Lumberg, Eric Priceman, Jim Sadler, Chris Howard, Sean Lanigan, Bill Leek DIGITAL CONTENT EDITOR Natalie Frels NATIONAL BUSINESS MEDIA, INC. PRESIDENT & CEO Robert H. Wieber Jr. VICE PRESIDENT/FINANCE Kori Gonzales, CPA VICE PRESIDENT/INTEGRATED MEDIA John Bennett VICE PRESIDENT/PUBLISHING AND MARKETS Dave Pomeroy VICE PRESIDENT/AUDIENCE Lori Farstad DIRECTOR OF IT Wolf Butler VICE PRESIDENT/EVENTS Sue Hueg CEM, CMP — EXECUTIVE TRADE SHOW SALES MANAGER Brandy Jamison-Neth — EXHIBITOR SERVICES Jackie Horn — WANT TO KNOW MORE? Visit our website at, where you can find tons of articles about the awards market plus all the latest news going on around the industry. And don't forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Have a topic you want to discuss? Give me a call at 720-566-7278 or email me at

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