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August '17

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80 • A&E AUGUST 2017 Sharing success stories as well as failures helps others learn and enhance their own skills. Along with contributing to overall industry educa- tion, it's also fun to see what fellow awards and engraving professionals are up to. Here, we share some of our readers' coolest projects to not only highlight what great work goes on in the industry, but also to share some learning experi- ences. This month, check out what BOMO did with its laser engraving equipment. Business Name: BOMO, Mexico City, Mexico Business Owner: Jaime Medrez Project: Laser engraved leather wall A&E What Can You Do? Creative projects: Laser Engraved Leather Wall IMAGES COURTESY JAIME MEDREZ SOME BASIC PROJECT DETAILS (IN JAMIE'S OWN WORDS): • This project specifically was for a corporate job and took five days to complete from the beginning to end. • We used a 60-watt Epilog Helix laser engraving machine. I cut the pieces with the laser. I use glue to put the wall together. • Laser setting used: power 25%; speed 90%; frequency 500 • The wall is all leather. • The dimensions of the finished wall are 98 inches long by 102 inches high. The wall, made of all leather, was designed for a corporate client and put together using a laser and some glue.

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