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November '17

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W hen you think of winter sports, which ones come to mind? Per- haps it's the obvious hockey, snow- boarding, or skiing. Maybe it's even the typical wrestling and basketball, which many school teams participate in during the colder months. But for those in the warmer parts of the coun- try, winter sports extend beyond the ice and snow. Anything from golf to soccer is fair game in mild-weather locations. Not only are there a growing amount of sports played in the winter months, but there are more and more leagues popping up, ready for a season of competition. And with the rise of individual participation sports such as golf and the growing popularity of year-round club teams, the winter sports climate is changing. Between school teams and clubs and associations, the winter sports market is teeming with potential. The ques- tion is, are you ready for change? The shifting world of winter sports By Cassie Green Change is in the Air 22 • A&E NOVEMBER 2017 IMAGE COURTESY MARCO AWARDS GROUP

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