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A&E DECEMBER 2017 • 25 Clear plastic is great because you print on the back side of it—a customizable coaster, for example. A stained-glass look can also be created when printing on clear products. Art Prints: Printing a canvas creation with most other printers is going to take a few steps and changes to how you print. With UV printers, you can print directly over a canvas that is mounted. Because you have a lot more tolerance in height, you are not limited to small canvas or canvas sheets. Adding a varnish coat at the end really helps to pop the color and add a high amount of protection. Round Object Printing: A few com- panies offer what is called a roller. This is a component that attaches to your printer and allows the item to rotate during printing. This opens the door to print on water and coffee container cups. You can print all the way around the item. Bottle and can label designs can now be done for custom small-run beverages. Golf balls, ping pong balls, baseballs, and softballs are not limited to a smaller print area. 3D and Braille: When you print with a UV printer, the ink is cured solid at almost the same time it touches down on the surface. The more you print the design over again, the thicker it becomes, creating dimension and texture. An example would be printing a design with text in it. The background design is printed once but the logo is printed three times. This makes the logo itself stand up much higher than the background. Because the print itself can be raised, it also provides the ability to add Braille lettering to many surfaces. Some software has a built-in feature that creates the size and shape for printing Braille. UV-LED printing opens the door up for us as printers. In the past, working with so many limitations has caused either a major headache to make things work or could just not be done. The amount of applications are almost endless, and people are doing new things on an almost daily basis. If you are looking to expand your abilities or product range, then UV-LED may be what you need. Paul Green works for OmniPrint Inter na- tional, distributor of the FreeJet line of direct-to- garment printers. He is also an industry seminar and webinar speaker and contributing writer. He has been in the printing industry for the last 10 years. After hours, Green is also an established fine artist and painter, and his work can be seen in group art shows around California. A&E Production minded. Designed to bring ideas to reality, the new UJF-MkII Series printers are production-focused professional tools that can deliver an array of specialty, customized and personalized items, awards and more. Mimaki_UJF-MkII_H_AE1117.indd 1 10/10/17 5:03 PM

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