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December '17

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✦ 34 ✦ Glass & Crystal Report • A&E DECEMBER 2017 High-End Crystal and Glass Awards Why you should sell these items By Mayra Barboza If you guessed that the award is going to be elegant and expensive, you guessed correctly. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the term "high-end" as "of supe- rior quality or sophistication and usually high in price." The two requirements are a direct cause and effect of each other. High- quality materials are not cheap, resulting in a marked-up price. By this reasoning, an expensive award that is perceived to be high-end implies it must also be high in quality. Unlike most sporting events or corpo- rate award ceremonies, which often offer the same, cost-effective awards, there is a lengthier process that is taken into consid- eration when producing a high-end award. For example, one must take into consider- ation the message the award is supposed to convey in addition to the material, design, details, and price that must work together to produce a stunning original. The primar y purpose of an award is recognition. The primar y purpose of a high-end award is to let ever yone who ALL IMAGES COURTESY MAYRA BARBOZA Art glass items offer a bold presentation that stands out and catches the eye of anyone in the room. P icture this: a customer walks into your engraving shop. They are in need of a high-end crystal or glass award for their fast-approaching event ceremony. Multiple people are being recognized; however, there is one person in particular who stands out above the rest. Your customer mentions that it is the first time in years someone has been selected to receive such prestigious recognition and they are requesting a high- end award that matches the level of achievement the recipient has accomplished. So, what do you offer them? Is there an award that comes to mind, or are you drawing a blank? It's not a trick question. With so many options, what does high-end even mean?

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