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✦ A&E DECEMBER 2017 • Glass & Crystal Report ✦ 35 sees it know of its superiority. It welcomes the recipient into an elite group of people who have met the necessary guidelines to be worthy of such honor. There is a desir- ability and exclusiveness that comes from wanting what only few have accomplished and the recognition that comes with it. There is a power in the award title that everyone will recognize. It is for that same reason almost ever yone in the industr y is able to recall the same award piece at the mention of Oscar or Grammy despite never seeing one in person. The desire will always be there. Sophistication, however, is in the details. SUPERIOR QUALITY In regard to the material that makes these awards fall higher on the price scale, there are two major players in this industry that qualify as high-end: glass and crystal. How do you choose one or the other? Glass is so versatile that it can be fur- ther broken down into different subcat- egories for more style options. Clear glass, as the name states, is clear in color and the closest you can get to optical crystal in glass form. Jade glass is most famously known for its green tint and is the most popular of glass forms; starfire glass pro- duces a light-blue hue and tends to f ly under the radar. Most of the styles found in jade glass pieces are similar in price and make, meaning that it comes down to per- sonal preference. On the other end of the glass spectrum we are left with colored glass and art glass pieces. Colored glass usually adds a color accent to an otherwise blank canvas for a subtle pop of color that still maintains its corporate look. Art glass on the contrary is loud, bold, and truly one-of-a-kind—the perfect award if you are looking to make a statement. The hand-made glass pieces are blown into whimsical shapes and sizes with elaborate colored patterns, making it difficult to recreate the exact same award twice. Art glass pieces are truly works of art that are then displayed on a base, ready for engraving. The intricate styling and bright colors are sure to catch the atten- tion of everyone in the room. Optical crystal in its highest form has very few to no imperfections. The crystal has been worked and processed until most impurities have been removed, resulting in a purely crafted award . The allure of optical cr ystal is due to its refractive nature. Crystal pieces are often designed with beautifully cut bevels that capture light in just the right angle to produce an illuminating shine. Optical crystal pieces tend to be thicker and towering in nature, which creates the impression of strength, durability, and elegance—positive traits that also often represent the recipient. It is no secret that optical crystal provides a higher perceived value and the reasons why are apparent. A hybrid of other materials such as green or black marble, Pate de Verre (crystal paste), or metal resins incorporated into the glass or crystal award have the potential to boost the quality of the piece. When executed correctly, the mixture of complementary materials should add to the high-end feel by adding a layer of sophistication to the award. Lastly, the use of color-fill engraving technique is guaranteed to take the glass or crystal piece over the top. Whether the piece Have a service or product to sell? For A&E Marketplace advertising inquiries, call 800.669.0424

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