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December '17

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✦ G lass and crystal recognition products are inherently timeless and classic for the reason that corporate customers gravitate toward styles that can be proudly displayed by the recipient year after year. Trends tend to never gain enough popularity to reach the fever-pitch that some other industries experience; however, fresh product designs and innovations do take the industry in exciting new direc- tions, all while keeping with the theme of being sophisticated and eternal. CRÉME DE LA CRÉME Crystal has always been the crème de la crème of materials for high-end corporate awards and gifts because of its outstanding clarity and ability to sparkle when cut with precise facets. It continues to be the top choice for those customers who want to convey the greatest level of prestige due to the high-perceived value. After all, the best deserves the best. Crystal's versatility is unmatched, with the capacity to take on almost any design imaginable through various production methods such as hand-carving or molding. The color options are endless as well. In the last few years, colored cr ystal has gained popularity among those looking for something a little less traditional and with a little more personality. Another trend growing in popularity is a touch of metallic coating on the crystal's surface. This adds a look similar to metal, but much subtler and also adds a touch of interest. On the other hand, p u r i s t s w i l l a r g u e t h a t ALL IMAGES COURTESY JEAN CHEN Tnds in Crystal & Glass EN VOGUE By Jean Chen Decorative plates are a refreshing departure from the traditional award, adding a bit of eye- catching interest to any room. 48 ✦ Glass & Crystal Report • A&E DECEMBER 2017

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