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December '17

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✦ 50 ✦ Glass & Crystal Report • A&E DECEMBER 2017 glass with touches of stone or metal also adds a bit of interest for those who find glass by itself a bit too plain. Plaques have always been a popular choice, and for good reason. They are cost effective and easy to display prominently on the wall without taking up any additional space in the home or office. Traditionally, plaques used to be predominantly made of wood, but more recently we have seen more modern materials used for their creation, such as glass. For those that love the look of wood but would like a little more updated presentation, a piece of glass sitting over the wood using standoffs showcases a more contemporary style and allows more decorating options. Eliminating wood altogether and using just glass is perfect for those looking for a strictly modern look who also enjoy the classic func- tionality of a plaque. Using decorative plates as awards has become an increasingly attractive option simply because there are so many dif- ferent variations and limitless designs, all while being fairly inexpensive due to the simple design, lack of complicated com- ponents, and the lack of needed materials due to the thin nature of plates. They are a refreshing departure from the traditional award, adding a bit of eye-catching interest to any room. As a bonus, the available dec- orating space tends to be fairly large on award plates. WHAT'S NOT SO HOT? One product type that we have seen a decrease in demand in is clocks. The idea of gifting a desktop or wall clock is no longer as appealing as it once was, as the functionality has all but been rendered Plaques with additional design features such as standoffs and color-fill are in demand among those customers looking for a more modern presentation.

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