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December '17

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✦ A&E DECEMBER 2017 • Glass & Crystal Report ✦ 51 obsolete since most people use their cell phones to keep time these days. However, those that enjoy the traditional look of an analog clock for decorative purposes are still buying them, so you will find vendors still carrying them. Another product that used to be quite popular and is quickly becoming obsolete is bookends. In the digital age where books are often read on e-readers or tablets, the need for bookends is quickly approaching the end. As is the same with clocks, ven- dors are still keeping a few styles in stock for those that do still prefer print versions of their favorite books or desire the decora- tive look of bookends. As innovation continues in technology, we are bound to see the retirement of addi- tional products in the future. Besides those items, there are lots of other functional crystal and glass gifts that remain popular among buyers, such as picture frames, drinkware, vases, and desktop office acces- sories. Functional gifts will always remain popular, as practicality is forever a desir- able element in a gift. While product selection may change and design preferences may slightly stray from the norm from time to time, history shows that the vast majority of awards and gifts being chosen are timeless in style. Universally crowd-pleasing geometric shapes with beautifully cut facets remain the top sellers, as they are regarded as ele- gant and sophisticated. These are by far the most sought-after characteristics when choosing glass and crystal products, as it almost guarantees the recipient will love it for years to come. One thing that cannot be denied is the fact that the practice of recog- nition in the employment, organizational, or competitive setting is indispensable, so the awards industry itself is anything but an ephemeral trend. Jean Chen is a co-owner of the crystal and glass awards vendor, Crystal by Design. She joined the family business after graduating from UCLA in 2005, and helping others recognize and cel- ebrate achievements has become her passion ever since. She lives in Los Angeles with her two dogs, and in her spare time enjoys eating tacos and plotting her escape to Mars. Crowd-pleasing geometric shapes with beautifully cut facets remain top sellers, as they are regarded as elegant and sophisticated. GC

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