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52 • A&E DECEMBER 2017 ETCH MASTERS by Ruth Dobbins Her daughter had a birthday coming up and she wanted to create a bell jar with the enchanted rose based on the story of Beauty and the Beast. As always, it would have been nice to have a more generous time period than a week available to create the piece, but such is the nature of our line of work. Being flexible and creative, one has the opportunity to take on jobs such as this one, and so we set out to make it happen. THE DESIGN Knowing about the bell jar in the movie, we also knew what we needed in terms of parts and the design. While shopping for the parts, we looked for fern-like textures to create the design with. We created a few different ones but had to wait to finalize the design until we had the actual bell jar in-house. These types of glass shapes are generally not our friends, as we say, since the shape is both convex and concave and gives us a lot of prob- lems in designing and the stencil application. We found a suitable bell jar at one of the local hobby stores and were then able to finalize the design after scanning the curvature of the glass. Again, because of the shape, we knew that we would not be able to create just one large stencil that would cover the whole shape, but rather had to split the design into sections that then could be pieced together on the glass to make a complete design. STENCIL AND APPLICATION The design was quite intricate and needed to be made from photoresist. In our dry cli- mate, we prefer a purple photoresist, which is very soft and sticky. I created the stencils from the printed film and set out to apply the stencil to the glass. Doing a project like this requires me to eyeball parts of the design and still make sure it fills the entire piece without leaving any huge gaps. Since this A fter a slew of articles covering some technical aspects of our work, I thought it appropriate to close out the year with a project-oriented topic. In the past, we have had customers approach us with the request to create objects based on various popular stories from fairy tales to The Hobbit, and not long ago, a woman contacted us with a similar request. An Enchanted Rose a la Beauty and the Beast A CREATIVE SANDCARVING PROJECT The design chosen by the customer. To the left: The bell jar from the local hobby store. Above: A portion of the design made into photoresist. Peeling back the cover sheet of the photoresist while trying to apply the stencil. ALL IMAGES COURTESY RUTH DOBBINS

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