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By Eric Priceman THE WORLD MARKETPLACE OF TROPHIES & AWARDS 72 • A&E DECEMBER 2017 When things go well, it is easy to take a lot of things for granted. Unfortunately, it also becomes too easy to overlook the necessity to prepare for potential events that can derail a business. While there are always circumstances beyond our control, it should be a requirement of each business owner to ensure that every measure possible is in place to overcome as many negative obstacles as possible. After all, our industry is largely made up of small businesses, and these businesses are generally the most vul- nerable to disasters and crises. We need to create proactive plans and run our busi- nesses in a way that ensures our survival in the face of unexpected negative events. CREATE MESSAGES THAT KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS THINKING OF YOU One thing that should always be on the forefront of every business owner's plan is how to stay in the minds of each current and potential customer. A message needs to be conveyed to these customers through all available and effective advertising venues. This message must convey the value that your business offers to the customer base, because that is the hook that keeps the customer interested. Understand that the value changes over time. As customers mature within your organization, you need to learn as much about them to be able to properly match the value that you offer to their needs. Peri- odic reinforcement of this will keep you consistently relevant to your customer base. The aim is to keep your customers thinking of you in both good times and bad. S ometimes things happen that catch us by surprise. Truth- fully, life is full of surprises, and part of running a healthy business is to ensure that no single surprise is too large to handle. Sadly, there are times when surprises may not be so easy to overcome; September 11, 2001 and its aftermath, the post-2007 economic downturn, and more recently, natural disasters such as the hurricanes that demolished parts of Texas, Florida, and the Carib- bean, and the wildfires in California. Surprises such as these can be events that permanently change the course of life and business for those adversely affected by them. Life is Full of Surprises… Learn to Expect Them

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