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February '18

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20 • A&E FEBRUARY 2018 I f you are into engraving, then you are into plastic— engraving plastic sheet, that is. Today's range of plas- tic sheets are fantastic and offer many opportunities for engravers of all types to expand into new markets and create new applications. In this first installment of a series on plastic, I explore the range, types, and applications of plastic sheet prod- ucts for engraving applications with a focus on the varied markets and opportunities for plastic sheet engraving. In a future issue, I will explore the fabrication basics of engraving plastic sheet materials, highlighting processes and techniques for professional results. Plastic sheet products are one of the most common substrates used in lasers or rotary engraving systems. Engraving sheet plastic is comprised of multiple layers of different color plastics. During the engraving process, the top layer or cap layer is removed to reveal the core layer. Using contrasting cap layer and core layer colors creates a high-contrast look that is both legible and durable. Plastic Fantastic! By Mike Fruciano Exploring the world of laser engravable plastic sheet stock

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