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February '18

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Page 60 of 84 • A&E FEBRUARY 2018 Susan Hirsch, Firefusionstudio in San Marcos, California Project: Touring for Eternity/Eternal Tourist memorial Equipment: Rayzist sandblaster with 150 grit alumina oxide 35 psi and Rayzist photomask Project Details: Memorial piece for a friend who lost her son. • This piece is named Eternal Tourist and has a poem by Gary Smith etched around the circle in the glass. I made this in memory of Jolinda Marshall's son Dylan, who recently passed. It has phosphorescent elements that will glow in the dark after being exposed to the sun all day. It is for her garden and I invited her dear friends in the glass world to add a small talisman to it so it could carry the love of all of us to her. • This took a couple of days as it was a fused glass 1/2-inch thick, 12-inch round piece. I used phosphorus glow material mixed into the glass. It was hand-finished with a wet angle grinder to fit this found metal stand. Then using photomask, I etched a poem around the outside edge. • Poem: THE ETERNAL TOURIST I pondered on the firmament/Won- dering, where comets went/They seem to be in some cosmic race,/As they hurtle around in outer space./A beautiful sight upon the eye/When they grace a starlit sky,/But it must be strange indeed/Eternally going at full speed,/In endless orbit, on and on/Off into the far beyond,/To places we will never see/Touring, for eternity. S andcarving continues to be a great application for awards made of glass, crystal, and even stone. However, this technique can be used for so many more projects beyond awards. From per- sonalized gifts to monuments, drinkware, and more, sandcarving is a versatile technology that catches the eye of almost anyone. Following are just a few of the interesting projects A&E readers have completed using the sandcarv- ing process. Not only are these projects unique and beautiful, but hopefully they inspire you to create cool projects for your customers. IMAGE COURTESY SUSAN HIRSCH CARVE OUT Your Niche Unique sandcarving projects from around the country 58

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