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34 • A&E MARCH 2018 DECADES A lot has happened in 30 years; looking back specifically at the world of awards and engraving, that has never been more true. As A&E celebrates its 30th anniversary, we want to call attention to some of the technology, business practices, and general changes that the industry, and the magazine, have seen. We are proud to be a part of it and lead the way in education and information on awards, engraving, and everything personalized. And while it isn't possible to highlight every good thing that has happened in the past 30 years, we hope you will enjoy looking back at just a few major events. THE '80S—WHERE IT ALL BEGAN *Editor's note: Check out the original cover image and bonus information on the first issue on the back page of this issue. MARCH/APRIL 1988 Premiere Issue of Awards & Engraving Business published Publisher: Robert H. Wieber Jr. This feature on plaques discussed why corporate customers purchase plaques, and the appeal this product carries when decorated via mixed media (engraving and sublimation). MAY/JUNE 1988 While sublimation had been around for some 20 years in the garment-decorating industry, it really came alive around this time in the awards market, becoming a popular method to decorate plaques. THE '90S—AN EXCITING PERIOD OF GROWTH MARCH/APRIL 1990 This issue saw a redesign of the Awards and Engraving Business headline on the cover. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1990 Featured in this issue is the first A&E Directory & Buyer's Guide, an issue that continues to be a reliable tool in today's awards and engraving industry. JULY/AUGUST 1991 Norm Dobbins joins the editorial lineup as a regular writer for the magazine. JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1989 "Digitizing is a word that is cropping up quite often now in the engraving com- munity. It appears that some people swear by digitizing and others swear at it. The following article will attempt to shed a little light on the subject and how it relates to the engraver." SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1989 This issue's technology article focused on the scanner, stating in its subheadline, "The quest for a quick, accurate and detailed process for engraveable logos has begun." OF A&E

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