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A&E APRIL 2018 • 9 BLUR Keeping your subject in focus while blurring the background can help bring the person visually into the foreground of the photo. It's as if the image had been taken with a wide aperture on a professional- grade camera. This is when the person in the front is in focus and the rest of the image is blurry. To do this, select your Lasso tool (or you can even use your Magic Selection tool in a similar method) from the tool bar. Try using a pixel amount of 15; put this in at the top where the Measurements Amount box is posi- tioned. You may have to experiment with the amount of feathering, needing less than 15 or even more. Put in the amount before drawing a loose selection line (not too close) around the subject. Now your subject has a moving line around it (it may look like ants marching in a line) showing that it is selected. Cropping this image gave it more of an emotional, loving feeling and less of a moving boxes advertisement by keeping the focus on the family. By keeping the image focus on only her and adding a slight blur to the background clothes, your eyes are easily drawn to her fun dress and beautiful smile. This original image is colorful and busy.

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