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10 • A&E APRIL 2018 We want to invert the selected area so the main subject is protected but everything else can be adjusted. There are two methods you can do from here: one is to copy and paste your subject onto a new layer then apply affects to the other layer, or you can invert the selection so that everything else but your person is selected. This is where you can apply a Gaussian blur amount to the surrounding area (or if you tried the other way, apply the blur to the entire layer). To apply the blur, go to Filters> Blur>Gaussian and use 10 to start off with for the blur amount, then decide from there if you need a higher number (without making it too blurry and obvious). If you have a duplicate layer instead of the selected area to apply the blur, then you have more flexibility with editing. I drew a loose line around the girl in the red polka dot dress on page 9 but the blurry edge of the carpet around her needed to be closer to her than I had originally drawn. By having her on another layer, I could erase some of the in-focus carpet to better blend the image style and bring her visually to the front of the image. I used the eraser tool with a large, soft brush edge (243 was the amount) and a low opacity (40 percent) to make these changes. COLOR ADJUST Review your image before proceeding with any other editing. Do the changes made solve the problem and fit the need? If so, then move onto flattening your image (save it as a copy), printing, and pressing. If not, then try adjusting the color, which can be done in a few different ways. Depending on the image, you may need more or less of a blur added to achieve the desired results.

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