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12 • A&E APRIL 2018 YOUR LASER AT WORK By Jim Puentes Remember that you have a laser and it's an incredible machine. A laser gives you two advantages over those who do not have one: precision and speed. The precision allows you to do work that those without lasers cannot — it makes your item more desirable to the potential purchaser. Speed gives you an advantage with lower production costs. There are many items compatible with the laser that are commonly sold in competi- tive environments. Each has the potential to be transformed into unique items that rise above the competition through the use of your laser. Here are just a few of them. INSULATED TUMBLERS AND ACCESSORIES Insulated tumblers, coolers, and koozies are hot items these days. Just about anyone with a laser can mark them, and there lies the problem. Even though there is a heavy demand for this service, there are so many suppliers that the competition is fierce, and the pricing is relatively low. For a lot of laser operators, the payoff is not worth the time and effort to do them when more revenue can be realized through their other services. Having a rotary device gives you a com- petitive advantage over those who do not have one. Anyone with a laser is capable of doing standard engraving on anodized or powder-coated tumblers. For some, that may be the only way they can mark them. While a rotary device is not required, without it the graphics and layouts can be limited. Adding a rotary device allows for complete coverage of the entire surface area and makes wrap-around designs easier to accomplish. This additional service will make you competitive within a large crowd. T he retail field is crowded with competitors, from large domestic retailers to home crafters, to overseas manufacturers. Internet retail continues to grow and erode local sales. How can you get your items noticed and close a deal in this huge ocean of competitive sales? That's what we are about to explore. This article is not about marketing (an important issue). Rather, it's about your products and how to get to the point where they not only stand out, but stand alone. Taking Your Work to the Next Level Jim Puentes opened COOLaser- Craft in 2008, providing his cli- ents with marking, cutting and fabrication services. Contact Jim at Stand out from the competition with unique products

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