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18 • A&E APRIL 2018 Sales & Marketing The word "hope" comes from a Greek word meaning rope, and I have always said that in order to have hope, someone must throw us a rope. But even more important we must be ready because those opportunities don't come along every day. The Boy Scout motto is "Be Prepared;" we must be ready for the oppor- tunity. If we don't know our limits, we can make mistakes that might take years to get over. Know your financial limits and don't overextend yourself. You and I can give our time and energy especially when we are starting our business, but most of us in the beginning have limited resources that must sustain us until the cash flow is posi- tive. You can only gamble so many times; calculate your expenditures and your seed money so it lasts long enough. I had a man come in my office about 25 years ago and say, "I am so successful in the oil business that I need a busi- ness so I can lose some money for my taxes." He was right about three things: he was somewhat successful, he might have needed help with his taxes, and he was arrogant. He eventually went out of business; his attitude may have had a lot to do with it. My point is that we must use common sense and walk before we run. And those of you that know me well know I don't always do this… Sometimes when you have been good at something, like selling, you think you can succeed without looking past today. But there is always tomorrow — make sure you are there. Planning is perhaps the most important key to your success and needs to be thought out completely. Even if you make great plans, you can have problems, but think about how to solve problems — develop your system to allow for corrections. Keep in mind that your plans are likely to change, not just occasionally, but often, so write them down so you can correct them and move forward. If you have any questions, feel free to call 1-317-546-9000 or e-mail me at or write me at Stephen L. Capper A-1 Awards, Inc. 2500 North Ritter Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46218 A&E

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