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Page 61 of 100 • Spring 2018 • THE SUBLIMATION REPORT 27 houette software that works just fine. For folks that don't own or know how to use any of these programs, I recom- mend CreativeStudio. CreativeStudio is a cloud-based designer with Corel- like features that is bundled with the purchase of Sawgrass Virtuoso printers. SALES/MARKETING 24. Don't let your opinions get in the way of making money. Just because you don't like a product has nothing to do with what your customers will buy. Let them decide. Try out new products to gauge interest and keep your product offerings fresh and exciting. 25. Show off what you have done. You won't sell it if your customers don't know you offer it. Take photos of every product you produce and, with the own- er's permission, post it on Facebook and/ or Instagram. If you have a storefront, play a slideshow of your products on a digital picture frame. 26. Always sell and promote product bundles. If the customer buys a mug, offer a discount if he/she also buys a mousepad. 27. Go mobile. Consider a mobile sublimation setup to profit at special events such as car shows, pet shows, and all sorts of sporting events. 28. Sell name badges. Perhaps my favorite product, name badges are sold once and then reordered time and time again. Schools, churches, and businesses always need traditional or slotted name badges, and profits are excellent. Subli- mate your reorder information on the back along with appropriate client info such as a company mission statement. 29. Don't leave money on the table. Price your products for the value they represent. 30. Lagniappe. Always look for ways to deliver a little more than the customer expects. Consider including an extra sample or, when designing artwork, look for ways to add value or personalize. This will keep your clients coming back for more. SR Tip 28 Tip 25

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