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April '18

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Page 63 of 100 • Spring 2018 • THE SUBLIMATION REPORT 29 With most wide-format RIP programs, you have the ability to drop your jobs into it and let it nest images to optimize your printing and paper usage. Most of them also have a job costing calcu- lator to more accurately quote your work, and some of them even have the ability to do variable data output, which makes jersey creation and other creative markets even easier without a lot of manual work. Finally, the biggest myth is that wide-format sublimation is only for large shops. Even if you can't justify the purchase or lease of the equipment, this still doesn't mean you can't add wide-format sublima- tion items to your business. All you have to do is search Google for "Wholesale Sub- limation," "Personalized Gifts," or basic terms like that and you can find a great wholesale contract printing partner. They handle the manufacturing for you while you build the marketplace and focus on what you are good at: designing and selling. While you might not make the profit margins you would creating the products yourself, you also cut out a lot of costs that are hard to measure. By working with a wholesaler, you don't have to worry about the cost of spoilage, or defects during pro- duction. You will not have to worry about inventory carrying costs, overstock, or outdated products (most sublimators still have iPhone 5 case blanks). IMAGE COURTESY PIC THE GIFT LLC Boutiques and other fashion retailers no longer search for next season's trends a year in advance and place large stock orders for delivery in four to five months. Quick turnaround is possible using wide-format sublimation. IMAGES COURTESY BEFORE+AGAIN

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