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36 • A&E APRIL 2018 Despite our industry's demographics, size does not matter when it comes to marketing. Like many things, marketing is scalable. The only thing that size dic- tates is how much money and resources get thrown toward marketing a business. To assume that a business is too small to market itself will more than likely hinder any chance it has to grow. Realistically we should all be marketing our businesses consistently. The best way to do so is through networking. Attending as many community events as possible and talking to people about your business is the first step toward this. It is also the least expen- sive. Talking up your capabilities, attending networking events and giving speeches, asking for referrals, and collaboration with other business owners in your community are a few ways to create buzz about what your business offers. This is the first step toward generating enthusiasm and educating others about the services and products you offer. YOUR MESSAGE NEEDS TO BE CLEAR AND CONCISE Networking is a good marketing tool, but it is only the first step to making a business stronger. In today's world, attention spans are limited. It is commonly thought that an average adult has an attention span that is less than 10 seconds. With this in mind, it becomes important to craft a message that is clear, concise, and short. A short message like this is called an "ele- vator pitch" and is something that should S uccessful marketing techniques are critical to enhancing any business. In our industry, the necessity to throw money at mar- keting goods and services oftentimes gets overlooked due to the fact that on the whole, our companies are small. Other than the major distributors, the awards industry is largely made up of small- to medium-size companies on both the retail and wholesale side. Don't Overlook the Importance of Marketing THE WORLD MARKETPLACE OF TROPHIES & AWARDS By Eric Priceman Eric Priceman is President of Victory, division of Planter Inc. in Chicago, Illinois. In his over three decades in the awards and engraving industry, he has traveled extensively, both domestically and internationally, visiting customers and suppliers. He is happy to share his unique perspectives of the industry, both past and present. Please feel free to contact Eric by email at or by phone at 773-637-7777 ext. 228.

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