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A&E APRIL 2018 • 37 be part of any message you convey when talking to others about your company. Craft and refine your elevator pitch in preparation to use it in any scenario in which you are around others. Practice this in front of a mirror. Imagine someone asking you what you do for a living, then come up with a clear, concise answer in under 10 seconds. Once you have refined it to your satisfaction, you have created your elevator pitch. Email marketing is another successful tool to get the word out about your business, but it has its financial pitfalls if you are not careful to target the right prospects. It can be expensive on both the front and back ends. If it is done properly, its historic return is around $40 per dollar spent. Email marketing can be a major drain to your budget if not done properly. It is absolutely necessary to acquire a list of refined prospects first. This has a cost, but if the list is clean and created to your specifications, it can pay off well. There are a number of companies that offer lists. Make sure that the list includes only prospects that are geographically and logistically relevant. You don't want prospects that don't need what you offer, or who are too far away to service. Ultimately these are not really prospects at all. Once you have the refined list, make sure your written message has something that makes the recipient open the email. Offer a coupon that gives a free service or some kind of discount. Imagine yourself on the receiving end of the email. What do you look for when deciding between opening and discarding Sales & Marketing Studio Workshop, Inc. S H E E T S T O C K Studio Workshop's sheet stock is available in Red Alder, Sapele, Northern Hard Maple, Walnut and Red Oak. Our sheet stock is finished on both sides for a beautiful ending product when you are done lasering. Widths of 3", 4", 5", lengths of 12", 14", 17" and 24", and thicknesses of 1/8" and 1/4" available. From key fobs, medallions, and name tags, to wedding invitations and promotional pieces, the applications are limited only to your imagination. E-mail: 800-383-7072

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