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38 • A&E APRIL 2018 an email? If you target your prospects with substance over sensationalism, there is a better chance for the email to generate a return. Remember the short attention span that your reader has. Your message must be clear, concise, and impactful in order to entice the recipient to open it. Look at it as a game. You score a point every time a prospect opens your email. Whatever platform you use to do your mailing will provide these statistics. The larger that number is, the more successful your mes- sage is. If a campaign has a small open rate, it is a sign that you need to refine your message as it is not conveying what you want to say properly. WHAT'S YOUR HOOK? You should always think about your hook — what is used to entice prospects to use your products and services, and ultimately to create an ongoing relationship between you and your customers and prospects. Examples of this in our industry are volume buying programs that distributors offer to retailers, as well as free freight programs. Volume buying programs hook a cus- tomer's loyalty by providing discounts for overall volume over the course of a period of time. The customer receives preferred pricing in exchange for hitting certain volume targets. This works toward cre- ating a strong loyalty by the customers of the distributor. They are not apt to go elsewhere as they want to maximize their purchases from the distributor in an effort to get the best possible pricing that they can. Free freight programs work the same way. Distributors establish a threshold total per invoice in order for a customer to receive their freight paid. This is sim- ilar to what many online merchants do. They hook customers by enticing them More WOW For Less What's Free? Set-Ups Personalizations * Art Services * Virtuals * Copy Changes ON BLANK ORDERS OVER $400 * free shipping *Exceptions apply І 800-544-1131

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