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April '18

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A&E APRIL 2018 • 47 Sandcarving I mentioned two tables: use one as a clean table for preparation and another, in a separate spot, for clean-up, which may mean some abrasive can be present. Color application is an often-requested add-on treatment for blasted items and requires, besides the obvious paints, an area that is well ventilated and possibly has an exhaust system. Acquiring an appro- priate respirator is also a must-have piece of equipment—make sure it is rated by OSHA for vapors. The best respirators are dual-cartridge models with exchangeable filters (approximately $50). MORE TO COME This gives you a general overview of the whole process and what equipment is necessary to do the work. Much more can be said for each one of the categories men- tioned above, which I will have to reserve for future articles, as space is limited within each publication. Please keep an eye out for the next issue, which will cover another aspect of the process in more detail. If you can't wait, you can attend a workshop with me at our studio and learn all you need to know within a few days. I can adjust any session to your specific needs and time table. Check out our extensive website at or contact me for a phone consultation at 888-EtchPro. Aliento School Information For 20 years, Ruth collaborated with her husband Norm Dobbins in commis- sion work, writing books and creating videotapes on how-to techniques for glass etching. Norm and Ruth taught these tech- niques for 30 years in the U.S. and other countries. Ruth continues these venues by offering a complete training program at Aliento School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and by teaching at various trade shows. One-on-one training and consulting ser- vices are also offered. © Ruth L Dobbins 2018 Example of processing a washout photoresist film with a Trigger Jet nozzle and warm water. Ruth Dobbins teaching the basics of photoresist processing to a class of attentive students. Everything makes more sense with hands-on experience. A&E

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