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O ftentimes when we talk about marking metal, laser engraving is the first technology we think of, and for good reason. Laser engraving has the capability to yield high-detail images and stunning results on metal, provided the correct guidelines are followed. But what some may not think of are the variety of other ways metal can be marked, and there are actually quite a few. Expanding beyond the laser scope, sublimation, UV printing, and even sand- carving can be used to mark metal (check out the Try This on page 12). Each one has its own benefits and can be the best choice depending on the situation. Ready to explore? LET'S TALK TECHNOLOGY While laser engraving might be what most defer to when talking metal marking, it's certainly not the most popular. The determination of which method to use on each project that comes through the door is made using a number of factors. "There really isn't a single 'most popular' method for marking or dec- orating metal," says Matt Anderson, Roland DGA. "The technology used depends upon the specific application, the type of object being printed on, and the By Cassie Green e Art of the Mark The various ways to mark metal There are a variety of technologies available to meet any metal marking need. Retailers can utilize UV-LED printing to create colorful graphics, for example. IMAGE COURTESY ROLAND DGA 8 • A&E MAY 2018

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