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12 • A&E MAY 2018 Sandcarve & Paint-Fill Metal Tumblers By Liz Haas Y eti and Ozark metal tumblers have continued to be a hot item for personalization over the past few years. In addition to the traditional metal appearance, these tumblers are hitting the market in color as well. A line of Yeti and Ozark tumblers have a durable colorful coated surface that will last for years and are gaining popularity for personalization. Sandcarving with photoresist is an easy method for removing the coating for surface marking, while maintaining a detailed design. Materials Needed: • Black-coated Ozark cup • 5 mil SR3000 self-stick film (or similar film) • RZ2 adhesive (or similar adhesive) (optional) • Vinyl sandblast tape • Wire wheel brush • Masking or painter's tape • Nonstick release paper • Paint (two colors) • Hairdryer (optional) Step One: Create your design For this project, we paint-filled a logo with two different colors. Step Two: Photomask We used 5 mil self-stick film to expose the photoresist film for 20 seconds on a Letralite unit and developed with water. If the surface is textured, use an RZ2 adhesive, or similar adhesive from another brand, on the photoresist film. This allows the photomask to bond to the textured surface. Try This: ALL IMAGES COURTESY LIZ HAAS

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