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28 • May 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S MASTER'S TOUCH Tell Me the Truth Is anything what it appears to be anymore? Steven Vigeant owns Berkeley Signs, a commercial sign company serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1985. Visit his Web site at or contact him at B Y S T E V E N V I G E A N T Looking for Trouble S ome things just feel better when they have that analog swing. Vinyl records, old style film photography, and of course sign painting all have that special something that keeps us interested. The truth is none of these things will ever die for some people because we love them and they rock. Each in turn had their glory years and eventually wound up on life support due to mass-produced digitally-based competition. And now they are all making a comeback because real materials and handcrafted originality can hold their own in the battle for our hearts. Despite the natural goodness inherent in old-school work, the public doesn't actually know or care how you get to their happy spot, as long as they aren't paying too much extra and there is a juicy payoff. In this article I will share some tips about how to strike a balance between old-school integrity and making money, even if it does aim to deceive the public from time to time. Tell Me the Truth office: The client wanted the words Tell Me the Truth to be spelled out in 14 languages. Honestly, this should have been hand-painted "Wall Calligraphy," but the lay- out and translations alone presented a potential underbid chal- lenge above and beyond lettering them all by hand. On top of that I suggested it be done in a nice copper color, which would have had opacity issues requiring a couple coats. I used high- tack Hexis paint mask and did the entire job with no brushes, only rollers. To tell you the truth I'm a sign painting masker! Tell Me the Truth: On flat drywall it is necessary to apply either a clear bleed coat or original wall paint to avoid the lettering color from creeping under the mask. The Antique Copper metallic paint from Modern Masters was gorgeous because it went on in two thick, even coats.

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