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30 • May 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S MASTER'S TOUCH Hotel Green: Dennis Hopper swiped a simple sign and took it to the French modern artist Marcel Duchamp when he was visiting LA in 1963. He had the notorious artist sign it and viola, the painted sign was instantly transformed into "ready made art." The original was recently auctioned for $362,500. In 2017, the puzzle artist David Jones had me reproduce the original sign "that had to be done by a real sign painter" so he could make a political statement with it in his current art show. It came to me with a white background. I aged it by first paint- ing the white with an off-white oil enamel mixed with 1-Shot Chromatic Clear Flattening Paste. I sprinkled on some Modern Masters Iron Rust paint with a toothbrush, then spritzed over it all with a little rust activator and let that dry. The lettering was done via a pounce pattern and sign lettering quills. The black looks faded because the background shows through like an old exterior sign would. I used satin Rustoleum thinned with 1-Shot Chromoflo 6000 to sell that effect. A Hotel Green sign that will never sell for $362,500. Roof Structures: The client had a whole fleet that was previ- ously done by a retired sign painter. There were five new ones they needed "hand painted" a good 20 miles out of my area. I needed to get them done in two or three trips to make a profit. I finally got to make use of some of the casual truck lettering fonts I purchased years ago. I overlaid them onto a photo of the existing examples and they matched fairly closely. I used a paint mask to efficiently knock out the 10 doors. The company specializes in huge glue-lam roofing, so afterward I brushed in some boards and knots onto the yellow area along with some "subliminally" placed initials of each driver. It is quite stunning how painted graphics look noticeably better on a vehicle than vinyl does. Hand lettering work like this needs to be free and easy in order to look good and pay well, and that just wasn't going to fit into my time budget. Roof Structures: All colors done with a single low-tack Hexis paint mask from Platinum Sign Supply, and SignDNA fonts. Roof Structures: The final product matched the essence of the original work. I could have done it all with a pounce pattern and a quill, but I would have had to shutdown my business for at least a week to do so. Looking for Trouble CONTINUED

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