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52 • May 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL "The cap is what makes it look nice," says Paul Bernstein, vice-president of Metomic Corporation, a manufacturer of standoff systems in Chicago. Holes need to be drilled into both of the panels for the installation—but the printout, sign or display item can be placed between clear pieces of acrylic, Plexiglas or another material to prevent direct drilling, or the item can be made with a clear border for the standoff sys- tems to be installed, Howard says. The caps, which are placed at each corner of the panel, are polished to add to the appearance of the standoff system, he says. "Something like this looks a whole lot nicer and finished than having a wood block behind it," Howard says. To add to that polished look, the hardware can be made of stainless steel, aluminum or another material or painted or powder coated to match the sign or other display item, Howard says. "Standoffs add to the look and feel of a piece," Howard says. "It really makes it a higher-class type of installation." The Standoff Materials Hardware made out of stainless steel is optimal for outdoor uses, because it will not rust or tarnish, while aluminum can give the same silver look while car- rying less of an expense and, because of its lighter weight, reduces the overall heft of the installation, Howard says. "The majority of people are looking for that silver look… after that brass or black anodization," Howard says, adding that Gyford StandOff Systems carries brass and black anodization in-stock for popular sizes. Clear anodization, which also is pop- ular for mounting hardware, gives the material a shinier look and helps protect from rust and discoloration, Howard says. "It changes it from a raw piece. It gives it shimmer and shine," Howard says. MBS Standoffs in Tampa., Florida, offers a wide range of hardware finishes, such as gold anodized, black anodized, bronze, titanium, pink, champagne, purple and red, says Laure Merminod, sales manager of MBS Standoffs, which MBS Standoffs in Tampa, Florida, uses standoffs for a banner. Gyford StandOff Systems offers a standoff sys- tem that can be used to display an exhibit of a museum rug. It is able to hold the weight of both the sign and display item. The exhibit includes standoffs and a trim channel on the edges. MBS Standoffs uses standoffs in a cable system to tie together several images with a common theme. Metomic Corporation in Chicago provides a standoff system for Culvers Restaurant's signs that advertise features of the fast-food chain's offerings.

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