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54 • May 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL specializes in aluminum and stainless steel standoffs. "(They) can most definitely help the signs pop out more," Merminod says. Standoff systems, no matter the color that's selected, enrich the appearance of a sign and make it more visible, serving as an attention grabber, Bernstein says. "Standoffs take a very, very plain sign and add a whole different dimension to it," Bernstein says. "They enhance a tra- ditional sign and make it stand out. It's not an ordinary sign anymore. It becomes something special. It stands out from the crowd. It allows the sign company to put a single or multiple backings behind the initial sign to add more impact to it." Other Uses for Standoffs Standoffs have other uses beyond mounting signs on a wall—they can become part of a shelving system, fixture, desk or other piece of furniture, Howard says. They provide the structural aspects of the furnishing with the panels serving as shelves or other surfaces, he says. The standoffs can be mounted on a table or counter for a retail display or be used to create multi-level shelves or platforms, also for display uses or to show or store items. "Instead of going out from the wall, you are going up from a table," Howard says. "It's really just a nice way to build anything if you have a good imagination." The standoffs add a dimensional effect to the displays, while also holding the displays together, Bernstein says. They also can be used in multi-panel displays, covering an entire wall with dec- orative panels, employing a threading rod and the caps to flush the panels directly to the wall, sometimes without the bar- rels, Howard says. The images can be separated or assembled together, he says. The result is the panels take on a floating appearance, Merminod says. "We offer a cable-and-rod display system primarily used to add a 'floating' effect that can be configured to serve as a multi-display holder as well," Merminod says. Standoff systems work for oversized images, such as magazine covers blown up in size and placed between two large panels without the image bending or wrinkling because of size, Pountney says. Standoffs modernize the look of a sign or display, no matter how they are used, Merminod says. "Standoffs are used as an alternative solution to traditional signs as they add a more modern look in an endless array of applications, while remaining afford- able, easy to install and maintenance- free," Merminod says. "There really are endless opportunities and applications Gyford StandOff Systems in Reno, Nevada, creates a standoff system for a bank sign listing the hours of operation. Pizazz Display Systems in Auckland, New Zealand, provides standoff systems that include monomounts and extra spacers artists like Maeve Eichelberger, an urban, western and land- scape painter in Paonia, Colorado, can use to multi- layer and offset the panels of her work. Metomic Corporation provides a standoff sign for an award plaque. Gyford StandOff Systems provides a stand- off system that forms a shelving system at a reception desk with a raiser counter. Metomic Corporation in Chicago sells a chrome standoff that adds aesthetics appeal to the signage systems.

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