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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • May 2018 • 67 Often we are making new tags, but sometimes clients will bring their pre- printed (screen printed) tags to us to engrave. We coat them with CerMark the same way, and after setting up a very accurate version of their item in our software, simple cardboard guides are cut on the laser to hold the items in a very exact position, and the tags can be laser engraved multiple times into their cardboard fixtures. Some of the best industrial laser engraved jobs we get involve us creating a manufacturer tag, generally with fields Making real samples, in stainless steel, would be too expensive. Thin cardboard prototypes can be engraved and cut true to size. This white posterboard is sprayed with a light coat of spray can primer to make the engraving clearly legible. Clean, prepped stainless is coated with "CerMark" spray on coating and allowed to dry before laser engraving. Here, the real thing, a waterjet cut stainless steel custom control panel is laser engraved though the spray-on CerMark coating, and it has to be perfect. After washing off the coating, the laser marking is plainly readable on both large and small items, if they were prepped correctly. This image shows a laser engraved stain- less panel that was prepped only on one side. Typical stainless steel, even brushed, is too mirror-like to be legible at every angle. But a random orbital sanding with 220 grit paper makes a soft etch that can be read clearly.

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