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JUNE 2018 THE SHOP 9 RZR and offer one for the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa. Q: What would you say is your hottest product for the power- sports market right now? A: Our hottest new product for the powersports market is our plug-and-play CD-7 Dash kit for the Polaris RZR. It connects to the factory diagnostics port of the RZR and can display all of the available channels coming in from the fac- tory CAN bus. Its super-bright color display is daylight- readable. It has multiple layouts, or you can create your own. And you can set unlimited warnings and alarms so that if something isn't right, then you will know about it. It is also available with data logging if you happen to race com- petitively, or just want to have data logs from your adventures and want to overlay data onto your videos. Q: What are its best features? A: That is a tough one. It is a tie between its ease of use and the features we have packed into it. Our engineers did an incredible job on the preprogrammed screen templates, which are geared toward racing or just enjoying the trails. If you combine our Vehicle Dynamics Module, which adds GPS, an accelerometer and a gyroscope, then you can have a live compass on the dash in addition to all of your vehicle data. They also made it really easy to install. Once you determine where you want to mount it, it is a simple power and ground connection and then you connect the CAN cable to the dash. Q: What's the biggest challenge for automotive shops looking to diversify into powersports? What specific advice would you give to those shops looking to better engage with these customers? A: Like any enthusiast segment, you have to be directly involved. Be where the riders are, so you understand their challenges in order to provide them with the best solu- tions. Get to the major powersports shows to see what is available. If possible, have a shop vehicle so you can install and test products yourself. There are many op- portunities for the automotive after- market to provide performance, safety and styling modifi- cations that allow powersports users to personalize their vehicles of choice. (Photo courtesy AEM Electronics) The Solid Fold 2.0 UTV Edition is Extang's premium, hard, tri-folding truck bed cover that can be adapted to today's UTV beds. "Consumers need solutions to carry, store and secure their belong- ings in their truck beds, and the same needs apply to owners of UTVs," says Steve Kelley, Extang vice president of sales, noting the covers provide an added level of functionality. "Many owners may not even realize how it can change the way they use their UTVs." (Photo courtesy Extang)

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