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12 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 speakers and mounting solutions to make installation easy. And, of course, Kicker Sound. Our plug-and-play kits for both segments are a big hit. Q: What are the best features of these items? A: Speakers that are voiced for an outdoor environment, as well as software flash solu- tions to optimize sound quality. And easy install and mounting solutions. Q: What is the biggest challenge for automotive shops looking to diversify into powersports? What kind of advice would you offer them to help get over these hurdles? A: Finding ways to engage the 35-65 demographic can be a challenge in today's very segmented marketplace. Doing events and advertising in nontraditional places, as well as attending RV and boat or home and garden shows are all great ways to get brands/products in front of prospective customers. Also, engage in local bike nights and off-road events for side-by-sides and 4x4s, trucks, etc. Q: What is your long-term outlook on the powersports market and what do you think will be the continued role of UTVs in its expansion? A: We are optimistic that this category will continue to grow, and UTVs are a big part of that, along with HD baggers. Q: Are there any new trends you see coming out of SEMA? A: We see turnkey kit solutions and pos- sibly V-to-V communication (drivers and passengers being able to talk with each other and other vehicles) as the two big growth areas. We just launched a new Flash programmer for HD audio to opti- mize sound quality and are launching new turnkey solutions for both the Can-Am X3 and Polaris General and will follow with kits for the Slingshot and new Ranger. SCOSCHE INDUSTRIES Q: Tell us what attracted you to the powersports market, what kind of prod- ucts you've been offering, and what growth opportunities you expect to see. A: The powersports market is newer for Scosche, as it is for many manufacturers. A large portion of the market accessorizes their vehicle(s), whether for work or play, and we have a solution for whatever the user is looking to do. We saw a hole in the powersports market regarding mounting solutions. We offer mounts for mirrors, whip flags, tools, phones and action cameras. We'll continue to expand this line, providing durable and comprehensive solutions for mounting just about anything to an off-road vehicle. Q: What advice would you give to auto- motive-related shops looking to diversify their businesses into powersports? How are the traditional auto and powersports consumer bases different? A: It is a growing market, and power- sports consumers are a new variety of cus- tomer. Maybe it is not a stereo they want, but lighting or an intercom system. Either way, you are their wiring expert. They are coming to you for audio and wiring, and mounting solutions are a perfect add-on accessory. Q: Where is the greatest opportunity for auto shops to do crossover sales and be successful? Is it in straight-up retail sales of the most desired powersports brands, offering repairs, or a combina- tion of both? A: (Auto shops) have a unique advantage of utilizing what they already know. Pow- ersports vehicles are similar to the cars and trucks they are already experts in. These are simpler, less-complicated machines. I would encourage them to become a one-stop-shop—rims, tires, lighting, audio, seats, accessories. Really, nothing is off the table. This is where the market is going. Take advantage of it and learn what is available. Q: Speaking of which, what types of products are important for shops to keep in mind when considering powersports inventory? A: Easy bolt-on products offer great opportunities and margin. Seats, lighting, audio, rims and tires, mounts. Create your style and niche and become the go-to shop for powersports in your area. If you do not let consumers know you are an expert in this field, they won't know! Q: Talk through the benefits of auto shops offering your brand—give me some perspective on your products. A: Scosche has always been about cre- ating unique solutions, quality parts and really offering the core accessories that people need. We have everything from sleek aluminum mounts for the sport guy, to the durable and universal line for the guy who needs functional products for his work vehicle. Q: Do you sponsor any powersports events? A: We are part of the Rockstar Husqvarna Supercross Racing Team. We also attend and support many off-road events like King of the Hammers and Day in the Dirt, as well as UTV Wolfpack, Camburg Racing, the Mint 400 and Rookie Motorsports. Next month, we'll take a deeper look at the truckload of aftermarket potential powersports offers, and how certain shops are getting creative in capturing and closing powersport sales. STEFANIE GALEANO-ZALUTKO heads up Zalutko Business Services and has been free- lance writing across multiple industries for more than 10 years. Visit the company Face- book, Instagram and LinkedIn pages for more information, or contact her directly at to learn more about client services. Many customers want products that are tailored to powersports. (Photo courtesy CURT Group) POWSPTS A Peek at

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