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JUNE 2018 THE SHOP 19 Our users tell us that capturing only two or three jobs per week you currently farm out can allow you to recoup your investment in about four months. Many get twenty five years of profit after that! Huth and Ben Pearson give you the best tools to bend, expand, finish and deliver! Investing in our quality equipment … pays back in months … pays you dividends for decades! 800-558-7808 • • Follow us on • Made in the USA $500 in FREE tooling with purchase of any Huth Bender and Die Package OR 50% OFF tooling (not die packages) with purchase of any Huth Bender Available May 21 - June 29 See details at ters. It seems the leaders in the industry are moving in that direction and our product is meeting their capacity needs. Its best features include … … one of the main reasons this product is moving so well right now is that our customers are recognizing the need for higher-capacity dynos. Engine builders and tuners are getting more advanced and they're finding that the quality of most dynos on the market just isn't keeping up with them. The SF-800 Series features larger rollers, which mean less tire heat, better traction and high capacity for our eddy current load units. A key feature in all SuperFlow all-wheel drive dynamometers is the ability to provide independent torque measure- ments from both the front and rear axles while keeping the roll speeds mechanically synchronized. Now is a good time for shops to invest in a dyno because … … we've come to a point where older dyna- mometer systems just can't keep up with the sophistication of modern performance vehicles and the testing needs of dyno oper- ators. SuperFlow dynos are designed to be more advanced and are essential tools for most of the industry leaders. The biggest misconception among shops regarding dyno ownership is … … the idea that dynos are just tools to show customers how much power their car produces. In 2018, that couldn't be farther from the truth. These pieces of equipment are sophisticated tools that are as at-home in a state-of-the-art R&D facility as they are in your local performance shop or race team. With a dynamometer onsite, you'll be Dynos are sophisticated tools that are as at-home in a state-of-the-art R&D facility as they are in a standard shop. (Photo courtesy SuperFlow)

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