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20 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 able to add revenue by charging for power validation, diagnosing drivability issues, and developing products and tuning pack- ages to increase vehicle performance. An unexpected benefit for shops offering dyno tuning is … … knowing what really makes a differ- ence and the creditability that comes with owning a dynamometer. By offering this knowledge to your customers you can dramatically increase your parts sales and tuning services. DYNOCOM INDUSTRIES INC. Fort Worth, Texas Allison Blackstein COO Our hottest dynamometer product for 2018 is … … Dynocom's DC TriPods and the RPM iBox2. Its best features include … … Dynocom's DC TriPod is an advanced and powerful hub/axle dynamometer. Dyn- ocom has developed the world's first truly compact and portable high-performance and advanced bolt-on dynamometer system with integrated eddy current brakes and a massive custom gearbox for the ultimate in dynamometer testing. Incorporated within the dynamometer enclosure are 3 x F150 Frenesla eddy brakes, coupled with a custom-designed planetary-type gearbox. The gearbox allows the eddy brakes to spin faster for higher efficiency, improved cooling and increasing torque due to the torque multiplication of the gear ratio. Furthermore, the friction profile of the gearbox mimics road load drag of real-world testing situations. The unique design of the TriPod allows scalability for growth, with provisions to add an AC motor, hydraulic drives or motorcycle drag roller in the future. It accommodates 7,200-plus hp and 300 mph. The RPM iBox2 is the latest hardware from the Quantum XD platform. It picks up pulsed current in plug wires, coil-over- plug wires, as well as injector wires. It also includes: heavy-duty rpm inductive clamp; support for TTL, optical, tach, clamp-on coil, clamp-on spark plug wire and clamp- over injector wire with x10 selectable gain; 100-psi absolute pressure sensor with 0-5V analog output; and more. Now is a good time for shops to invest in a dyno because … … you cannot safely test on the street or track. The right dyno will be able to do VRS (virtual road simulation) with a 2018 EPA database, steady state testing, sweep tests, OBD-II, ECU (including AEM, HP Tuners, ProEFI, Megasquirt and Motec CAN integration) and social media broad- casting. The biggest misconception among shops regarding dyno ownership is … … the cost. Dynocom has been manufac- turing chassis dynamometers in the USA for over 10 years. Our dynos have exten- sive features, high horsepower and torque ratings, and they are in use every day at OEMs such as Nissan and Tesla, as well as performance shops, trade schools and universities. An unexpected benefit for shops offering dyno tuning is … … credibility for the shop owner/tuner. TestResults Shops can use the machines to make money by charging for dyno runs, diagnosing additional problems and increasing parts sales. (Photos courtesy SuperFlow) This dyno does VRS (virtual road simulation) with a 2018 EPA database, steady state test- ing, sweep tests, ECU integration and social media broadcasting. (Photo courtesy Dynocom Industries)

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