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22 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 TestResults A dyno allows for drivability and perfor- mance testing and tuning in a safe and controlled environment. POWER TEST INC. Sussex, Wisconsin Dan Jens Eastern Regional Account Manager Our hottest dynamometer product for 2018 is … … our CF22.2FD chassis dyno. This is an eddy current dyno for the transportation industry. The innovation comes in the form of the flush-mounted deck that gives you a completely level testing surface without any reduced capacity for the eddy load units. In high-volume shops, this can drastically increase efficiency and we've seen many shops moving toward this technology. Its best features include … … aside from the CS22.2FD flush- mounted surface, the best feature on this product is its air-cooled eddy current load absorber. There's no need for expensive water cooling systems and you will save money with the extremely low operational and maintenance costs compared to water brake systems. Additionally, maintenance on the system is now easier than ever. With a belt-driven design, there are fewer moving parts and a centralized lubrication manifold means that a service tech can do basic preventative maintenance in under 5 minutes. Now is a good time for shops to invest in a dyno because … … chassis dynos reduce comebacks and you never get a second chance at a first impression with your customers. With our chassis dynos you can simulate real-world road conditions that you wouldn't be able to with a test drive around the block. This helps save time and money and allows you to anticipate conditions that the customer might face after the fact. The biggest misconception among shops regarding dyno ownership is … … shop owners would be surprised to hear how quickly dyno ownership can pay back your investment. Our average payback time on our eddy current chassis dynos is around 13 months. After that time, the additional revenue is pure profit. Our model takes specific details from your shop and proves just how fast you'll make a return on your investment. An unexpected benefit for shops offering dyno tuning is … … not only are you going to be able to troubleshoot better, but you'll also be able to identify additional problems that will lead to more parts and service sales, and give your customers confidence that your repair or upgrade is the best money can buy. A dyno allows for drivability and performance testing and tuning. (Photo courtesy Dynocom Industries) Chassis dynos simulate real-world road conditions—something that's not always possible with a test drive around the block. (Photos courtesy Power Test)

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