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JUNE 2018 THE SHOP 41 a three-year bumper-to-bumper warranty are available from Gateway. The third Gateway Bronco is the Modern- Day Warrior, a fully restored and repainted early Bronco that sells for $160,000. When you order this package, you get an authentic Gen 1 Ford Bronco with new paint and a new Coyote 302-ci V-8 engine, a leather interior, an upgraded four-link suspension and the anti-rust guarantee. IT PAYS TO KNOW A LITTLE Gateway isn't the only supplier in town, and factory original Broncos are also in demand. Shops that restore or modify spe- cialty vehicles are pulling in a lot of work from this new wave of Bronco collectors, so it pays for shops to know a little about Gen 1 Bronco history. The 1966 open roadster was the base model. It didn't have a roof or doors. The styling was boxy. The Ford name was on the center bar of the grille. This model had the lowest price, but it's at the top of the value scale today due to its rarity and the old adage that "if the top goes down, the price goes up." In 1966, the parking lights were at each end of the grille bar. The rectangular tail- lights were mounted vertically on the rear of the vehicle. The Ford name was printed on the far-right center of the tailgate. The license plate bracket was on the opposite end. Among standard features of the roadster were a 3-speed fully synchronized trans- mission, a Mono-Beam front suspension, a through-drive 2-speed transfer case, This was the first Bronco and was a prototype for the new Ford SUV. Carroll Shelby owned this truck and, as you can tell, he didn't baby it. Cana Comer owns this handsome 1977 Bronco built in the final year of the Gen 1 Broncos. The 1978 Bronco was a completely redesigned vehicle. KEEPING YOU CURRENT... IT'S HOW WE ROLL! A BLOG TO AWAKEN THE PRIMAL AND PRESENT-DAY AUTOMOTIVE FAN IN US ALL.

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